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the Founder of Innovation Embassy and Astrophysicist Erik Micheelsen shows you the #1 strategy and mindset of CEOs and Entrepreneurs, who create Mega Star Products. How they escape the hyper-clutter trap, become a new trend and join the growing number of Impact leaders.
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 , Then let me invite you to a fascinating journey. It starts with WHY some ideas and products become mega stars. And ends with you mastering how to do it yourself.

Keep reading… and I’ll introduce you to

how some ideas and products become Mega Star products.

if you’re interested in Impact and Impact leadership, how Mega Star Products is the starting point

the Edge Academy I started to get into a lot of innovation and disruption based on a discovery I made about the ideas and products that turn into a Mega Star Product

  a Picture-eBook I made about Mega Star Products. It’s fun and a breeze to read.

  It’s a LIVE book of 150+ pages meaning I will continually update it with new material and chapters.

I’ve made 5-day MSP Challenge Workshop, if you who want to dive deeper

OR! Skip right to the bottom and find a short-list of the structure and possible choices on this site.

 With what I’ll show you here, not only will you be able to create Mega Star Products for yourself but also show others how to do it. I’ve made it simple and fun to learn.

Not that simple means easy. In fact, it’s hard work. Only a few succeed at creating Mega Star Products. But it’s important work. We live in a complex world and we’re not going to get many chances at creating something amazing. Something that can make a meaningful difference.

THE END GAME… Impact Leadership

There is a reason why the BIG global challenges percist. They take 20.000 eyes to solve – not a team of 20 and certainly not 2!

But 2 is where all of us start – BY ourselves.

And all of us have to make that work FIRST. Until we are able do it for ourselves, we certainly can’t do it with others. 

Yes! That includes corporate businesses and investment funds.


Step 1: is learning how Mega Star Products affect us and create mega value.

Step 2: is learning the mindset of the CEOs and Entrepreneurs who make them.

Creating a Mega Star Product is … an attitude.

In all honesty, I did the same and not much came from it: I thought I could start out with Impact Leadership.

But what I was good at (Systems Thinking and awesome products) was not nearly enough. I buckled down and dived deep into business.

As an Astrophysicist, I’m used to working with (big) numbers – that helped me!

From working with and in Startups, I was asked to become a Technology Officer at a large MedTech company called Coloplast to setup Radical Innovation and innovating with existing Ecosystems. I LOVED IT!

I got to work with some of the best Business Leaders. We created awesome products, launched a few of them…

and then something strange happened….I started seeing beyond the books…

…things were happening while innovating, the books didn’t explain.

… some products flopped that “should have” become a HUGE success while some or most of the successes didn’t meet any of the official success criteria for “fundable ideas”. Yet they took off. Internally with stakeholders and then externally with customers and parters.

… page-1 material for me as an Astrophysicist was missing. A big part of our job is to sell ideas and bring exotic objects to life we can’t touch physically.

All we have is the light that reaches us from space. Innovations and disruptions are are like that in the beginning. They can only be seen in the minds eye…

When you’re Customers are staring at something they don’t know what is (your amazing idea or product), NEVER EXPLAIN. Instead, let “it” explain what it is.

 Humans are basically storytellers. It’s how we understand reality – as a sequence that unfolds.

Which brings us to Mega Star Products because that’s what they do to us: explain a new reality.

Our jobs as CEOs and Entrepreneurs is the business of offering a new opportunity of mega value to our customers.

This is when I started connecting the dots for myself. In a flash, I suddenly saw where innovation starts, the development and the business of it.

I saw why we as customers CHOOSE innovative or disruptive ideas and products.  And I saw WHY some of them became Mega Star Products while others end up full of potential but unknown… and unchoosable for the would-be-customer.

It was like one of those books you just can’t put down. Things that used to be a mystery suddenly made sense and I started to test and try what I had found.

part of innovating is the business of making the idea or product present itself within 3 seconds

… and then that they can’t let it go. That they want more…You reading this tells its own tale, don’t you think? Mind you, there are many crafts that go into innovating… from how to research customers, creating concepts and business models and of course marketing and selling.

I’m coming to the end of this story and I’d like to finish with this:

I decided we’ve had enough of the last century’s exploitism that turned the business into the end-game and not the value, the business was about in the first place.

The objective of it, how to measure it’s success in terms of value-experience and impact and how it will go about producing that value.

All of this is leading to a new book called “The IMPACT Business Model” 

It’s a co-creative effort with business leaders, investors, students and people who know about Impact Practice,

IMPACT is such an important new component of future innovation together with new ideas such as CONVERGENCE for resource-driven innovation and disruption. Yet, many feel the terms are not clear nor how to approach them, not to mention what the business of IMPACT is…

Because when IMPACT works, it will be a Mega Star Product. Do you see where this is going?

Why, if you only get ONE thing from this site and what I can offer, it is the business of Mega Star Products.

It’s where we need to start and I was for many long years. I’ve met many executives who tell me it’s been decades since their company’s last innovation, investors who ask what ONE thing I’d notice for to see if a Startup was on their way to become a Mega Star and MANY startup leaders whom nearly had it (by their own words) but no breakthrough.

As long as you don’t know why No 1 is No 1… and why No2 isn’t or why people suddenly abandon a No 1 or if you right now are “a No 1” but don’t know exactly why it happened (and can’t do it again) or what to do if a competitor is stepping up their game or why some ideas and products turn into a mega star, then you might be immensely talented, knowledgable and successful but we both know where the road you’re on leads to.

The issue is, that road leads to “almost success”. And nothing is more confusing and stressfull than “almost success”. Should you keep going or do something different and if so… WHAT!?  What leads to innovative or disruptive mega success?

How do company executives support internal innovation teams in their efforts? What resources should be allocated? How do you create an innovation-interface to your ecosystem? How do you as a Startup with venture funding ensure your strategy leads to you becoming a Mega Star? Or as an Entrepreneur, what’s your game to niche down to a lucrative market you OWN. In short,

how do you KNOW what to EXECUTE on that leads to a Mega Star Product?

Move on to the Edge Academy page and without further ado, I’ll tell you in one word how to know. That one word is a tool, a principle and a method. And it WILL get you off this road.

You see, I didn’t just witness others on that road, I too have been on it. While I was on it…

    …I discovered three things:

  1.  Trying on your own will isolate you when you shouldn’t and make what’s already hard even harder.
  2. Co-innovation (hint! beyond Co-creation) will help you to create faster and better value offers. And at the same time build yours – and their business turning you into an ecosystem.
  3. Innovation or Disrupting never about what YOU think as cool or smart. But what THEY in a split second recognize will change their world upside down for the better. When you start there, you’ll end up creating and launching a Mega Star Product

It’s why I started the EDGE ACADEMY, to create a place that’s about innovation, disruption and Mega Star Products…

… a place to meet, listen and gang up with STARS – just like you!

>>> I have made a Picture-eBook called Mega Star Products that shows you what a Mega Star Product is, how they work and how to create one.

>>> You can join a Master Workshop by the same name. And then apply to become a member of the EDGE ACADEMY.

>>> Below you’ll find out more about me or read my blog … Or click on services for how to get in touch.

About Me

What I want to do here is show you the premise behind Mega Star Products. What they are and when ideas and products turn into one. It’s why I made a picture-book for you, a 5-day challenge and the Edge Academy.

For the past 17 years, I’ve had the great privilege of working with brilliant business leaders on many business models, creations and launches. Both as executive advisor for innovation or for instance as a Technology Officer at Coloplast, responsible for Radical Innovation strategy and execution.

During that time, I’ve seen many ideas that, by the book, should have worked but failed. And ideas that seemed so impossible, they SHOULD have failed but instead became stunning winners.

And I discovered something… that in part had to do with mindsets and neurology, In part had to do with how an idea or product should be framed from the beginning to address both the experience and the business.

Be aware! This might not exactly be for you. If you need explanations to be concrete from the start and want an execution plan, you can implement in an hour with zero effort on your part, then STOP here. If you think IMAPACT is philanthropy in a new package, think co-creation and co-innovation does not lead to new business models then I can’t help you.

What I’m promising is to unravel a mystery. A mystery about why we choose certain ideas and products as “must have” and show a framework for you to do exactly that.

Look at the Edge Academy and start with the picture-book Mega Star Products. You’ll get a MSP Canvas, examples, explainers and why the processes and models you follow are GREAT… but keeping you stuck. This one book will set you free. To become one of the leaders behind a Mega Star Product.

THEN! You can join the 5-day challenge of the same name where we go deeper into how to make it work for you.

It’s the same material I use at Innovation Embassy, which I’m the founder of. This is where I help leaders with their innovation challenges. Just recently, I started a new option for anyone to setup their own Innovation Embassy – ranging from an innovation-project to a complete setup with the tools, operations and methods for creating their own Mega Star Factory.

Innovation Embassy also contains the membership Genius Circles for students, professionals and people from all walks of life who would like to be a part of and contribute to Co-innovations.



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