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What is the #1 strategy behind the CEO’s and Entrepreneurs who create a Mega Star Product?


Before I tell you what this #1 strategy is, let me first tell you about Mega Star Products.

A Mega Star product is an idea or product that define a brand new value, become No. 1 in their market and create a new niche.

And Mega Star Products can absolutly be solutions to real world problems that make a positive impact.

This is the #1 Strategy that turns the leaders behind a Mega Star Product, into our new Business Visionaries and Thought Leaders.

I want to show you what this #1 strategy is. And with it…

The premise behind ideas and products that turn into mega stars…. and do not become yet another costly shelved idea no one wanted.


Yes, you’ll still need all the tools, processes and structures you love to use and especially your unique approach, to how you build your business.

 ATTENTION: notice how it’s what all of us are doing…..


We’re all hoping that WE are the ones who are uniquely tuned-in to what the market wants,  WE are the ones with an “unfair advantage” that is unfair enough, WE are are the ones with great value,

We hope we are the ones who look sharp, have the best technologies and provide the best value.

That OUR management team, execution and deligence willl make the difference. That WE are the ones who end up with a product OUR prospects ….

…instantly recognize as awesome.

We all do it… and it burries us deep into the numbers game.

That you by chance end up as a mega star.

Because the premise to turning an idea or product into a mega star is not found in any of our excellent tools or processes.

I’m going to show you a simple strategy. Once you learn it, you’ll never look back. It builds on everything you already know and do.

So what is this difference in mindset? This #1 strategy? That CEOs and Entrepreneurs use to create a Mega Star Product?

A strategy that makes their customers slam the door on their current choice, completely change the game in the market , makes their product iconic, creates a new trend and seen from a far as the new must-have?

With a high-end price tag?


And a strategy the CEOs and Entrepreneurs who use it OPENLY will tell you is absolutly straight forward, the main reason behind their success but also a strategy they continue to learn to master?

The #1 strategy To mega Star Products is to build character.


These new CEOs and Entrepreneurs are not just creating a new “what” or “why” they are doing it. They are showing you WHO the product is.

This is how they bring something new to life.

What all CEOs and Entrepreneurs are up against when anyone presents something new is exactly this:

“We have never seen your idea before.
US! – your hopefull customers, are in Cognative Dissonance!
We don’t get it… and sorry, we don’t have time…”

What all CEOs and Entrepreneurs who are presenting are up against is…


Cognative Dissonance


Leave it to the customer to figure what your BIG IDEA is and they will turn their back on you so fast, you won’t believe it.

You just became part of the hyper-clutter.

Your job is lead them through it.

And once you’ve lead them through it and helped them connect the dots. Leave them with a choice… between the old world they know…

…or the new world you are presenting.

YOUR choice is either to stay in the numbers game. Or to learn the premise behind Mega Star Products.

Click “The Edge Academy” below. You’ll be taken to a form. On that form, you’ll be presented to four sessions that says….

Erik Micheelsen will show you the premise to mega star products, how it works, how to install it and how to use it.


Session #1: The premise and character you must choose to turn an idea or product into a Mega Star Products.

Session #2: How to make your prospects connect the dots and suddenly get the real value you are presenting.

Session #3: Make your prospect close the door to their current option and make you their new No 1 choice.

Session #4: Live Workshop with Q&A

Each session is about an hour in the form of video’s, podcasts and perhaps a worksbook or other materials. Remember…this isn’t for everyone!


Either you want fast or you want food. Yes, I’ve made it accessable and fun but this is really hard.

If you want it fast and only have a few minutes for the high-lights, then this is not for you. I’m going to give you food for thought

As a surprise!

I’m going to give you what the CEOs and Entrepreneurs behind a Mega Star Product are looking for, when creating a Mega Star Product.

IT dictates the epiphany the CEOs and Entrepreneurs behind a Mega Star product want us to have.


I’m also going to give you a mystery. I’ll tell you more about it during the four sessions. But here it is: Creating a Mega Star Product is creating a “SWITCH”.

Once you’ve solved this mystery, you will know how to  hand your customer an intutitive controler. With that controler you’re giving them THE POWER to enter a new world you’re introducing. 

And that’s your new high-end business model.


This is how you are going to get out of the numbers-game. Instead of hoping you end up with a SWITCH by chance, you now get what they are, how to make one, why they change the game and take the market.

Instead of playing the numbers-game, you’re stepping out and playing the Mega Star game.

When you sign up, you’ll get instant access to a 60 page ebook, videos, podcasts and workbooks to the #1 strategy to creating a Mega Star Product.

These four sessions are designed for the busy leader who only has time for one hour per session. And for the leaders who would like to go deeper.

… if you are able to sign up, it’s because we’ll be starting a new class within days. The fourth session is a live workshop that has to do with YOUR idea or product.

Is there more? Of course there’s more!

Once you’ve learned the premise behind Mega Star Products, suddenly, lots of things get interesting.

What Innovation and Disruption really is, and how to navigate them. How about tools and methods to give your strategy real edge. Or what if you don’t have your BIG IDEA or how to hold a hackathon or what if you’re intested in creating a Mega Star Factory? There are advanced storytelling methods and an amazing tool  called Simple Systems you can use to create your own processes.

Each month, there will be a new package of awesomeness.

Yes, for those of you who are interested, there is also a membership area to meet and chat with the others. But…

let’s start here with Mega Star Products.


Join The Edge Academy below. And let’s talk shop for a moment