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Let’s talk shop for a moment.

What is the #1 strategy behind the CEO’s and Entrepreneurs who create a Mega Star Product?


Before I tell you what this #1 strategy is, let me first tell you about Mega Star Products.

A Mega Star product is an idea or product that defines a brand new value, becomes No. 1 in their market and creates a new niche.

And Mega Star Products can absolutly be solutions to real world problems that make a positive IMPACT.

This is the #1 Strategy that turns the leaders behind a Mega Star Product, into our new Business Visionaries and Thought Leaders.

I want to show you what this #1 strategy is. And with it…

The premise behind ideas and products that turn into mega stars…. Instead of becoming yet another costly shelved idea no one wanted.


Yes, you’ll still need all the tools, processes and structures you love to use not to mention your own unique approach, to building your business.

ATTENTION: This is about what we are all doing and hoping for…..


We’re all hoping that WE are the ones who are uniquely tuned-in to what the market wants,  WE are the ones with an “unfair advantage” that is unfair enough, WE are are the ones with a winning idea.

We hope we are the ones who look sharp, have the best technologies and provide awesome value.

That OUR management team, execution and deligence willl make the difference. That WE are the ones who end up with a product OUR prospects ….

…instantly recognize as awesome.

We all do it… and it burries us deep into the numbers game.


That you by chance end up as a mega star…


Because although the many helpfull and excellent tools or processes available to all of us may lead YOU to creating a mega star (I use most of them myself) – NONE of them show us what the premise is for turning an idea or product into a mega star.


Many think that making a Mega Star Product happens when

√ you’re in the minds of your customers and their needs

√ we create great technologies and designs

√ working with the big trends and cultures

√ start with a Minimal Viable Product and talk with potential customers

√ think business model first and sales before building product

√ have a system and pipelines for working with ideas to market launch

√ Design Thinking and “design first” approach ensures winning ideas

all of which are true! AND none of them frames the ONE THING you need to know to ensure your idea or product becomes a Mega Star Product.

That wins hearts, leads to an amazing business and even create an Impact.

I’m going to show you a simple strategy. And a mindset…. AN ATTIUDE! Once you learn it, you’ll never look back. It builds on everything you already know and do.

So what is this difference in mindset? This #1 strategy? That CEOs and Entrepreneurs use to create a Mega Star Product?

A strategy that makes their customers slam the door on their current choice, completely change the game in the market , makes their product iconic, creates a new trend and seen from a far as the new must-have?

With a high-end price tag?


And a strategy the CEOs and Entrepreneurs who use it, OPENLY will tell you is the main reason behind their success but also a strategy they continue to learn to master?

So what is it? This #1 strategy and mindset? The attitude they follow that turns ideas and products into a Mega Star Product?

build character

Character [ kar-ik-ter ]: the aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of some person or thing. one such feature or trait


These CEOs and Entrepreneurs recognize that the customer “needs” plus a “BIG idea” are not enough. In fact, they may derail you. It’s not enough to create a new “what” or answer “why” they are doing it. They mean to present a new  “WHO”.

This is how they make sure the rest of us instantly get it – how they bring something innovative or disruptive to market.

They do it this way because what all CEOs and Entrepreneurs are up against when ANY OF US presents something new is exactly this:

“We have never seen your idea before.
We don’t get it… and sorry, we don’t have time…”

What all CEOs and Entrepreneurs who are presenting something new, awesome and surprising are up against is…


Cognative Dissonance


NOT-OPTION: Leave it to the customer to figure what your BIG IDEA is and they will turn their back on you so fast, you won’t believe it.

You just became part of the hyper-clutter.

Your job is lead them through it.

And once you’ve lead them through it and helped them connect the dots. Leave them with a choice… between the old world they know…

…or the new world you are presenting.


Depending on weather you want to work on your own, together with a team you know or gang up with STARS just like you: I have three options for you.






How it works:

Get the picture-ebook, download it, use it, enjoy it and reap the rewards…

OR sign up right away for the Mega Star Product 5-day Challenge Workshop. We only open ever so often. There is a waiting list for next time so be sure to sign up. The book is included and we go deeper into your specific situation using explainer videos.

OR sign up to The Edge Academy right away. It’s always open but to apply, you need to pass the challenge I give you at the end of the 5-day challenge workshop.  


 More on OPTION 1:

>>> START HERE – get the Picture-eBook “Mega Star Products (MSP)”.

NOTE1: It explains everything you need to know about how ideas and products turn into Mega Star PRoducts. It comes complete with examples, inspirations, exercises and (NOTE2:)I have a special surprise for you at the end. It shows you how to know from the beginning, weather you have a Mega Star Product on your hands…. or not! NOTE3: For those of you who are looking for the structure to the “fuzzy front end logic” – this is for YOU as a startup and entrepreneur or intern innovator. NOTE4: If you’re more of an HBR business style book reader, then read it backwards: “start” from the opperative and bottomline section and work back to the formula behind Mega Star Products. NOTE5: Should you choose option 2 below, you’ll also get the book.


More on OPTION 2:

>>>THE MEGA STAR PRODUCT 5-DAY CHALLENGE WORKSHOP: Click here and you’ll be taken to a form. On that form, you’ll be presented to five sessions that says….

“Erik Micheelsen will show you the LOGICAL premise behind ideas and products that turn into mega star products, how it works, how to install it and how to use it.”

{YES! You’ll get the book as well with this option (or not if you already got it). But also podcasts, explainer videos, workbooks and a LIVE event.}


 Here is what’s in the Mega Star Product 5-day Challenge Workshop:


Session #1: About Storytelling Products and what customers are really buying (hint! NOT your idea or product)

Session #2: The premise and character you must choose to turn an idea or product into a Mega Star Products.

Session #3: How to make your prospects connect the dots and suddenly get the real value you are presenting.

Session #4: Make your prospect close the door to their current option and make you their new No 1 choice.

Session #5: Live Workshop with Q&A

Each session is about an hour in the form of video’s, podcasts and perhaps a worksbook or other materials.

But remember…this isn’t for everyone!


Either you want fast or you want food. Yes, I’ve made it accessable and fun but simple doesn’t mean it’s easy. This is hard!

If you want the quick-success-formula and only have a few minutes to spare for the highlights, then this is not for you. I’m going to give you food for thought… a new logic. And the questions I’m going to present and ask you to work through… is SIMPLE… and also takes work.

Remember these questions are designed for you to get to the answers that play to your strength and bring out your EDGE.

As a surprise!

I’m going to give you what the CEOs and Entrepreneurs behind a Mega Star Product are looking for in an idea or product, when creating a Mega Star Product. Or they’ll abondone the project imiddiately.

What the CEOs and Entrepreneurs are looking for in an idea or product dictates the epiphany  they want us to have.

I’m also going to hand you a mystery.

I’ll tell you more about it during the five sessions. But here it is:

Creating a Mega Star Product is creating a “SWITCH”.

This is a mystery… filled with riddles… But once you’ve solved this mystery, you will know how the product must present itself. It will “talk” to your potential customer from afar. Such that in the eye of the mind, your customer intutitive gets the value being offered, how to use it and how it introduces something they’ve never seen before… and still… they get it!  

…And that’s your new high-end business model.


This is how you are going to get out of the numbers-game.You create a SWITCH.

But instead of hoping you end up with a SWITCH by chance, I’ll show you what they are, how to make one, why they change the game…  and why they take the market.

Instead of playing the numbers-game, you’re stepping out and playing the Mega Star game.

When you sign up, you’ll get instant access to a 120+ page picture-ebook, videos, podcasts and workbooks to the #1 strategy and mindset to creating a Mega Star Product.

These five sessions are designed for the busy leader who only has time for one hour per session. But also with the option for leaders who would like to go deeper.


The workshop is a chance for us to unravel the mystery of Mega Star Products together…


…And when the 5-day Challenge Workshop is over, our ways part.

It’s a small education where you learn how to make heads turn. Why a few great ideas and astonishing products… turn into a Mega Star Product. For the Startup CEO and Entreprenur who wants to know the difference between why some ideas become the next BIG hit… or end up as more hyper-clutter, this is the definite guide.


Is there more? Of course there’s more!


Once you’ve learned the premise behind Mega Star Products, suddenly, a lot of things start to get real interesting.

Now you suddenly KNOW what customers are really buying, what makes a product truely great, how to create a new business niche, the mindsets involved and what it really means to make a mega star – to present a new opportunity to your customer.

You’ll know how to speak and engange with customers, use their input for continual innovation and even change the market agenda. You’ll know how it happens and why it happens.

This is when you get to be picky….


Now, which strategy should you choose? An innovative or disruptive business model? Do you want to be an Impact Leader? For those of you who think in terms of co-creation… would you like to learn co-innovation? Those of you in corporate setups, how do you set yourself up to become a Mega Star Factory? What about stakeholders and communications and SO much more…

Basically, why didn’t Angrybirds make new successes??? Or why wasn’t it Kodak that launched Instagram? Come to think of it, WHAT should GOPRO do to continue it’s success? You can read about GoPro as a case study in the picture-ebook.


In the Edge Academy, we use what we learned from Mega Star Products but now we add what you need to first secure your “Blue Ocean” (where you have freedom to operate business wise), then you move up to learn about Impact and Global Innovations. 


The goal with the EDGE academy is

…in three years, Innovation Embassy will hold the hottest innovation global event called Wicked Global Challenge. And you’ll learn all you need to know to be able to attend.


More on OPTION 3:

>>>THE EDGE ACADEMY: This is for you who already knows you want to join the “The Edge Academy” – click here. You’ll be taken to a form. On that form, you’ll read this….

You are about to apply to the edge academy. attend the 5-day mega star product workshop, Get the picture-ebook, pass the challenge … and you’re in the edge academy.

{YES! You’ll get the book as well with this option but also podcasts, explainer videos, workbooks and a LIVE event.}


What Innovation and Disruption really is, and how to navigate them. Tools and methods to give your strategy real EDGE. What if you don’t have your BIG IDEA yet? Let me show you both an accelerated way to get winning ideas, how to create ideas and the Pro way to create ideas for new and existing markets. Yes, this includes how to pick your potential customers brains and build a relationship. I’ll also show how create Storytelling Products to reach out and engage. It’s fun, fast and they’re great for how to sell BEFORE you’ve created the actual product. Or how about how to hold and manage a hackathon, create an innovation exhibition, an executive business model challenge or what if you’re intested in creating a Mega Star Factory? You’ll also learn an amazing tool called Simple Systems to set up innovation as a self-organising event, to create your own processes for innovation, disruption, learn what Impact is and the Impact Business Model and certainly  sustainablity.


When you sign up to the Edge Academy,

…what you’re really doing is upgrading from the “basic” to “advanced”. In the picture-ebook, I explain why the usual methods we learn such as the Business Model Canvas or the Lean Startup are great and I certainly use them. As I also explain, I miss something in them…

Mega Star Products are SWITCHES.


The very way they are handled and accessed “turns on” the experience (this is HUGE!) AND combines the desired experience with the business model.

In fact, when you flip the usual “how to innovate or disrupt” methods around and start with the SWITCH…everything connects up. It’s faster, simpler and all the goodies you need for marketing and sales fall right out of your SWITCH. Because marketing and sales is part of it.

However, the SWITCH is just one example. We’re going to upgrade to  co-innovation. where I’ll show you a smart system for connecting business to create new innovations that none of them could on their own.

And instead of judgement based systems, we’ll work with build-up systems (less resources, minimizes risk and much better organisational alignment.)


20.000 eyes sees more than a team of 20.


This will be used for all sorts of things such as global innovations or solving the UN’s Global Goals or how corporate businesses can create an interface to external ecosystems.

 At the heart of it – this is about the business model in creating Impact.

Am I alone with all of this? No way – in the Edge Academy, there will be the 848’s. These are people and packages from those who have done it.

Let me put it this way. If you were to climb to the top of Mt Everest which is at 8848 m based on a few workshops and “how to books”, would you make it? Or die in the freezing cold because of tools that couldn’t stand the test of extreme cold and hardships?

What all of us need are people who got to the top and came back. To tell you how to do it to. People who developed tools and methods you can be inspired by, that help in good and bad times and to create an amzing  business.


OH! I nearly forgot… As you get your Mega Star Product out there… you too get to be an 848.


here’s how The edge academy works:

Each month, there will be a new package of awesomeness. There will be live master workshops and virtual “rebel-tabels” about a current hot topic or we place someone in the hot chair. It could be one of the 848’s who hands us a talk and/or tool or method. Along side… there might be a workbook or a podcast but what ever it is, it will be amazing.


Bottomline: who ever you are, CEO, ENTREPENEUR, INNOVATOR, STUDENT or other… you’ll learn how to gain the EDGE you desire to create an amazing business and real Impact.


Speaking of which…

In three years, Innovation Embassy will hold Wicked Global Challenge (WGC), set to be the hottest innovation event. Teams will compete to create solutions to UN’s Global Goals.

 And for STUDENTS – I have something you might find interesting! You get to sign up in teams.

The idea is that through the Edge Academy, you’ll learn everything you need to be able to apply to WGC.

Yes, for those of you who are interested, there is also a membership area to meet and chat with the others. But…

Here are your options


120+ pages about the mindset behind creating a Mega Star Product filled with examples, exercises and tools to show you want you need to attend if you want to make one.

Click here to get the picture-ebook


Let’s unravel the mystery together. Each week introduces the next part of the jouney of creating a Mega Star Product. Of course you get the book ( if you already have the book, don’t worry – you only pay once. The final day of the workshop is a live. And then you’re handed a challenge. Solving that challenge is required to enter ….

Click here to signup for the 5-day challenge workhop


You can enter as a professional (single membership) or if you’re a student, there is also the option to enter as a team (group membership). Each month there is a new package of awesomeness. There will be virtual “Rebel-Tables” about a specific topic or where someone is in the hot-seat There are 848’s who will share their knowledge with inspiring talks and handy tools. The Edge Academy is aimed at teaching members everything you need to know participate in Innovation Embassy’s Wicked Global Challenge, which will be held in three years (date to be announced). In short, you’ll learn about the business of creating Impact solutios.

Please note – to signup, you first need to answer the challenge at the end of the Mega Star Workshop.

To signup to the Edge Academy, then click here.