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tools for Innovation and disruption

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Read about Qube’it, CoCreationCards, Mt Innovation and Disruption-Riverrafting and how they can help you develop breakthrough ideas or how to conduct successfull pitches and exhibtions. Mt Innovation introduces you and your organisation to Innovation-deepdives and Disruption-Riverrafting will introduce you to rebel businessmodels.

These are tools that have helped to develop innovations for markets $250+Mil, growth of 300% and service Designs for green technologies or health care programs

CoCreationCards for bringing your ideas into reality

While I was holding workshops as a Technology Officer at Coloplast with people with all sorts of agendas, ranging from Executives, to Doctors and Nurses and Engineers and Marketing and….I was frantically looking for tool to get everybody on board and find end up with everything needed to take innovative ideas and turn them into projects.

For years, I had to do it the hard way and ran into one problem after the other: getting all the critical questions, identifying enabling knowledge and reaching rock solid conclusions.

I had at this point developed Simple Systems and from here, I could use it to make this tool. What a gem for innovation development!

What you get is six cards that you use in an ongoing way to explore an idea in depth, answer questions and get to both a set of cards for execution but also the shoping-list.

For those of you who know about mindsets, these cards speak to the different mindsets present why everybody finds their favourate part of the process.

This tool has been used by many companies ranging from Lego to a small health care center. It has been tested and used in many settings and I promise you will find it both easy to use and enjoyable.

It follows the very same steps we have to go through anyway but instead of it taking weeks or even months with all too many meetings, we get 80% of what is needed in one workshop day. Naturally you can run several smaller workshops or as some do ongoing CoCreationCard workshops and even a CoCreationCard wall for continues work. Yes, CoCreationCards works with you favourite Agile process.

CoCreationCards is available by writing to Please request for current list price. There is the option to add the Mega Star Product book including the MSP Canvas and how CoCreationCards will help you bridge from a fully described canvas and all the way to market. Finally, there is also a manual and explainer videos (learning time is about an hour).

CoCreationCards is suitable for all levels in the organisation. Expect an intense day and as everyone learns how it works, many will be asking for when the next CoCreationCard workshop is going to be.


The reason is because during a CoCreationCard workshop, people experience it is meaningfull and that there questions and ideas are taken seriously.

Best of all – you end up knowing exactly what to act on, which is no small thing when it comes to innovations and disruptions.

Qube it for winning concepts

Qube’it is a Concept Development tool for what ever challenge you have. This tool is made a Storytelling Game, built up around the elements that lead to a real breakthrough concept. The aim is to get to the core story. The core story points to perhaps the single most difficult element of all innovations and disruptions, which is WHY it will work: The premise.

Qube’it is played with a few people to 100’s. The reason why Qube’it is so powerfull a tool is that not only does it start with your challenge but the winner is NOT found by judging the best story. Not initially. It’s won by having the most elements that winning concepts consist of.

Now we “Qube’it” meaning the top winning concepts are built up with the knowledge and the resources that bring the concept alive. First when we’ve added what materials or technologies or execution strategy do we find out what is REALLY possible and what isn’t. First then do we know which concepts are attractive for us and which we not sure of.

Then we can target and co-innovate with our customers and partners to find out which ones THEY want us to continue with. Do you see where this is going?

Qube’it consists of challenge questions for IMPACT to help us think out of the box, images for inspiration and rules. Currently the game format is a PDF you recieve by email and is ready to play. In due time, I’d love to make a physical game and as you can see on the image, the prototype is ready.

The game can be played during a few hours and besides creating winning concepts, there are a few other benefits from playing this game:

  • Everybody playing will learn about concept development and storytelling
  • Great ideas are not just about structures but also content and when they combine, we get new and surprising concepts
  • What the difference is between deciding which ideas are great and building a concept to become great
  • Why great ideas are never easily identifiable but need maturing
  • How to use the Core Story to create concepts and from here Minimal Viable Products and business models
  • Quickly bringing a team or an entire organisation to what is actually possible in temrs of innovation
  • This is a great place to start to learn about process-facilitating for facilitators

 Qube’it is available by writing to Please request for current list price. The game is sent complete with cards and rules. There is the option to add the Mega Star Product book including the MSP Canvas and how Qube’it feeds directly into into it. Finally, there is also a manual and explainer videos (learning time is about an hour). Qube’it is suitable for all levels in the organisation. Expect both a lot of concentration, interesting discussions, moans as gets beat by a concept with more points and lots of fun and laughter. 

Innovation as it should be done

Mt Innovation for an Innovation-Deepdive? Really? 

Mt Innovation has so many take aways I don’t know where to begin so let me start with the idea of a deepdive. It means total emersion, going into all the important details and finally “coming back” with a desired innovation.

Mt innovation has everything from basecamp workshops to concept development, business case development, presentations, mindsets, communicatino plans, and all the how-to’s you need to conduct successful innovation.

It helps to communicate through the organisation what innovation is and how engagement will happen. It allows you to co-innovate with partners and your ecosystem.

It comes as a blueprint for you to turn your busilding and the rooms inside to a dedicated exciting innovation process. Go ahead and challenge me – I will help you implement Mt Innovation for any organisation.

If this sounds interesting then please contact supportatinnovationembassy and we’ll get back to you right away.

Depending on your requirements, we can deliver manuals and online training and faciliation all the way to sending a 18-wheel truck with all the props and tools you need for your Mt Innovation setup.