just testing a few things

by Oct 27, 2020

I’m just testing something here… Two of the startups I’ve been helping the past year are in two different stages.

One of them has a product and hasn’t been able to get ANY sales the past year. The other has the idea for a product and knows the audience well but isn’t finished conceptualising yet… and obviosly not tested yet.

What I’m testing is the role of VOICE

 The Mega Star Product Canvas shoes what we know from the Business Model Canvas but then expands into the product as a person.

In other words and as you’ll see me say often…. “WHO is the product”.

Because we as potential customers will NEVER buy a product if we do not have that question answered first thing. It’s all under the radar of course and many times a sense of recognition that is beyond words.

What I’m doing is playing with the character in these two startups to see how customers respond. When do they suddenly get it…

Last week, the startup with no sales took off like a rocket. Please visit BMoreRaw and see for yourself.

The other startup … is super interesting! It’s a blockchain technology company for gaming. Right now it’s called “Gamers Coin”. The founders know what they are doing, yet…. the voice isn’t quite right.

More on this later.


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