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IF YOU WANT ME TO HELP YOU to find out how to turn a challenge, YOUR IDEA, A PRODUCT, or STRATEGY INTO A Mega Star PRODUCT… then you’re at the right place.

I’m guessing you have a challenge that if solved, holds great potential for you. It could be…

  • a strategic challenge you are currently facing.
  • discovering your new business opportunity
  • how to innovate a new product.
  • how to turn ideas and products into a Mega Star Product
  • setting up an ongoing innovation-factory
  • a powerful decision making process for innovation
  • what needs to be “deep dive program” or a “Project X challenge”
  • accelerator programs for corporate and co-working places.
  • creating a positive-impact program or products
  • solutions towards a global challenge.

they are about gaining clairity and an upperhand that leads you to success instead of staying stuck.


In a way, my service is fairly simple. We look at your situation and then find the premise to achieving what you want. No bells or whistles.

The setting can be online, a whiteboard or even a fireplace meeting.


Because of my background as an Astrophysicist, a decade of working hands-on with corporate and startup innovations, coaching and advicing Startup CEOs, Entrepreneurs and executives, what I offer that’s different from all other advisers is a unique perspective.

 I know how to frame your situation and show you what’s coming next.

What you are looking for is progress on a matter of innovation or disruption.


If you agree so far, then let me take it up a notch…



Entrepreneurs and Executives

Opportunity Discovery For Innovation Leaders



During this one your, we go through any topic regarding your business as it relates to innovation, disruption or how to create a Mega Star Product.



We go through your strengths and your edge, the resources available to you. From here, we map out and discover your new business domains.

  • The new business niche you can create
  • Where you will be #1 in your market
  • How to establish a system that makes life extremely difficult for competitors
  • Establishing a network that’s invested in your success



Your new business must grab the attention of your customers before they have a chance to think. To do this, you need to ingredients.

  1. The premise: this is what we actually buy when we buy a product.
    It’s like an undiscovered force of nature or a super power your product introduces. There’s also a mystery to it. When you show your customers how to unravel the mystery for themselves, that’s when your customers get hooked.
  2. The Character: First respons to anything we have no clue about is “what is this!?”. Not until we get a sense of the character do we feel comfortable…. and likability. Mega Star Products have great character that tells the customer exactly what kind of experience they will get when they own the product.

We will meet up for you to introduce your new business idea and product and I’ll help you establish the premise and/or the character. Once you have that, you are already 10 steps ahead of your competitors. Chances are, they haven’t figured it out yet.



Once you know what market you will be #1in, your premise and the character, you need to know two more things to not just be likable but become the product that defines a new trend.

  1. Connect the Dots: When presenting a new service or product noone has seen before, the biggest mistake is to show all things we think is so fantastic. To them, it’s a mystery. Instead, you need your product to present itself in such a way, they suddenly get how amazing your product is.
  2. Close the Door: What is the real difference between their former option and the new option you are presenting? This is called “intrinsic value”. This is the intangible value your customers connect with and think they can’t find anywhere else but with you. What is actually happening is that by keeping to their former choice, your customers experience that they are staying with a lessor value. Your product becomes the new choice.

You need to go through one exercise that at the same time establishes how to make your customers “connect the dots” AND “establish your product as the new #1 choice”. This is an exercise you can do by yourself or I can help facilitate it.


accelerators and incubators

For Corporate, Co-working Spaces and Organisations


One way to help create new Mega Star Products is to help other companies and people to either foster new innovations and disruptions (incubators) or to help establish a business foundation and scaling (accelerators).

If you’re intested in learning more about how you can host and run an incubator and/or accelerator, then here’s what we’ll go through during a meeting:

  1. Situational Appraisal: What your business is about, current status and the new situation you want to establish.
  2. Objectives: the exact outcomes you want to pursue
  3. Measures of success: quantifiable measures for reaching your objectives
  4. Value of success: Once reached, what value will have for your business?
  5. Methods and Options: Based on your resources, current status and objectives, we will outline several options and methods for you to choose from.


We start with a 1 hr. strategy meeting with no futher obligation to run through the above points. This is an exciting meeting where you will quickly discover just how many options you have! If we decide to proceed, we go through everything from mentorships and coaching to external help from brand experts, designers, sales, marketing, leadership to create an attractive involvement-menu. Likewise, we’ll go through tools, workshops and rituals you’ll need to create a productive and engaging structure.


Mega star factory

For Corporate, Co-working Spaces and Organisations


A Mega Star Factory is a “house of innovation” that is commited to create innovative value either for the business, co-working space or organisation itself – or its customers. Above, you can read about accelerators and incubators. However, you might like an ongoing Opportunity Program to discover new organisational opportunities in an ongoing way. You might want an Impact Program including an Impact Model for how to understand what Impact is and how you can be a part of global innovations.  Mega Star Factories can have many designs and functions depending upon your desire.

Most likely, you have a building, an organisation, resources and a desire for innovation or disruption. How would becoming a Mega Star Factory contribute to the success of your organisation and provide innovative value? During a 1 hr strategy meeting with no further obligation, this is what we’ll dive into. Should we decide to move forward, we will uncover everything you need to establish your Mega Star Factory including Blueprints, Tools, Types of Workshops, Talent Involved and more.

Facilitated workshops:

Either by me or I can help guide the workshop facilitator.

BASECAMP: This is usually a 1-day workshop to investigate best way forward. Anywhere from 3 to 100 people can participate. The aim is to take a deep dive into the current situation and find the hidden path that uniquely leads to a desired outcome.

CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT: This can be anything from ideating products to business models to Minimal Viable Solutions for customer targeting or Impact or accelerator program you wish to hold or simply answering a challenge. Depending on the amount of days used, you will wak away with 100’s of ideas, management-wheels, risk estimations, program descriptions and deliverables such as idea-portfolio,3D graphics for presentations or anything else that can help to get the concepts across.

CHALLENGE WORKSHOP: This is a favorite of mine. This is storytelling in action. When presenting the option to innovate or disrupt a market, it often ends up with a development team on one side and decision makers on the other. A fruitfull and extremely valuable exercise is to present. Then ask the decision makers in teams to re-structure, add content and answer critical questions. This is an example of co-innovation. The same exercise can be done with several companies also. The outcome is a clear understanding on how to move forward.


I also offer certification on the following tools I’ve developled over the years VIsion & Discoveryboards, Cube’it, Mt Innovation, CoCreationCards and the Mega Star Product Canvas.

the edge academy

The Edge Academy is a membership for CEOs and Entrepreneurs who are interested in working with their companies EDGE. Membership is by application only and the doors for enrollment are only open a few times a year. To apply, you must start with the Mega Star Product online workshop. This gives you both a chance to see how if the Edge Academy is something for you… and also some of the answers you’ll need to apply!